• 13-18 October 2020
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The biggest show is on the sea now!

CNR Holding, having held the world’s most prestigious “On-Land Boat Shows” for 16 years to develop the Turkish marine industry, now brings its success to the seas. Organized at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center in February and offering huge trade advantages for its exhibitors, the exhibition is making thorough preparations also for the sea with CNR Yacht Festival 
Presenting everything on the sea to thousands of sea lovers, CNR Yacht Festival will take place at Marintürk Marina in Pendik between October 13-18, 2020. The festival, organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Pozitif Trade Fairs, and YATED (Yacht and Boat Industry Association), will also welcome new-generation designs of the global marine industry.  
The festival will display the best mega yachts, boats, and sailing boats in their classes as well as air rafts, sea engines, and starter boats. CNR Yacht Festival will also hold numerous events such as water sports, windsurfing, rowing, diving, jetski, and flyboard shows.