• International Boat, Marine Equipment & Accessories Show
  • 13-18 October 2020
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Launch of the state-of-the-art boats at CNR Eurasia Boat Show On The Sea

The show, welcoming the companies representing global brands and the most prestigious domestic manufacturers, will introduce the best yachts, boats, sailing boats, air rafts, sea motors, and starter boats in their classes along with boat equipment and accessories. More than 500 brands by over 100 companies will display their sea vehicles at the show, which will launch state-of-the-art boats. One of the most enjoyable festivals of the marine industry, CNR Eurasia Boat Show On The Sea will once again host numerous events such as watersports, windsurfing, paddling, diving, jetski and flyboard this year. The show will make the dreams of thousands of sea enthusiasts come true in 5 days.
Boat culture to improve, boat ownership to increase
Yachts built in Turkish shipyards, catamarans, 2021 designs by the world’s leading brands, and boats to be launched in Turkey will come together with sea enthusiasts at the show. Locally manufactured and imported sea vehicles will be introduced at the show, which will support exporting millions of dollars of yachts and boats across the world and contribute to the improvement of the boat culture.